My name is Justin Sluka, and I am a student at Purdue University pursuing a major in Computer Science and a minor in Theatrical Design. Outside of my core classes, I actively pursue knowledge in machining practices, plastics, metallurgy, electronics, history, and psychology.

I use what I learn to supplement my hobbies, which include prop and costume design, game development, critical game studies, and hardware and software design.

My topics of  interest:

Computer Sciences:
Human-computer interactions, game design, data mining and management, data analysis.

Computer hardware, DIY electronics, home-based engineering and machining, machining processes, and plastic applications.

Physics, nuclear physics and chemistry, metallurgy, psychology, and cognitive science.

Post 1900 world history, Cold War history, 1950’s and 60’s Americana, atompunk and steampunk movements, and sociology.

Science fiction, dystopian literature, comics, and graphic novels.


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