AER-9 Laser Rifle

This is an old project that’s finally getting it’s own page. A shame, because I feel like this was one of my best projects, too.

The AER-9 Laser Rifle from Fallout 3/New Vegas.

AER-9 - Profile

Inspired by the work Volpin had done on his Laser Rifle, I set to work on my own laser rifle back in 2010.

I started with making a rough-cut, Laser Rifle-shaped box out of 1/2″ MDF.

Slapped together AER-9

Top Down AER-9

More AER-9

Top of the AER-9

Obviously, this won’t work. So I had to next round the edges of the Laser Rifle, as well as add the front grip. The front section of the main barrel was also tapered inwards for vents.

All cleaned up!

Barrel close up

Butt-stock close up

And a nice first person shot.

First Person

Next came the primer and wet-sanding…


As well as a slot for the MFC catch.

Slot Detail

Raised sections were added for the flaring at the front/back. These were made of Sintra sheets.


The rim of the buttstock is nailed-on styrene strips, giving the weapon a stamped metal feel.

Butt Stock Edging

While there were a few extra steps here, I’ve got no photos. The under-slung tube was lathed from a piece of wood, and the drop down at the front of the barrel was added.


Fins were added to the back of the barrel in the control panel…

Control Panel (?)

And at the front of the muzzle.

Front Barrel

Raised sections were also added to the grip for depth.

Butt Stock again

After a second coat of grime, I attached a Micro Fusion Cell (lathed from a block of MDF) and the yellow laser sight cable to the top.

AER-9 - Profile

The new grime coat really helped make this weapon look complete.

AER-9 - Backside

If you look closely at the fins at the muzzle, it looks like they were welded on. This effect was achieved using hot melt glue.

AER-9 - Business End

AER-9 - Top

So there’s my AER-9 Laser Rifle. Took about two months total to complete.

AER-9 - Profile

More photos are available on my Flickr.


8 responses to “AER-9 Laser Rifle

  1. Can you send me the wood mold/pattern you used to make this? My family owns an aluminum casting foundry and i’d love to make a few of these. I’ll pay for shipping both ways.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t do that. The risk of the rifle getting damaged either during the molding process, shipping, or anywhere in between is just too great for me.

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