Snark & Adam Syringe

I originally wrote this nearly 3 months ago, but due to some serious problems with one of the items this post contains, I delayed this post until it was properly repaired.

With Christmas at our doorstep, I thought it would be a good idea to do a little post on some stuff I’m making for my significant other, Alyx Ookami, as presents. Let’s kick this right off and tackle the short(er), simple(r) project:

Plush Half-Life Snark:

This was a project that I’ve been eying for a few years now, ever since my discovery of a website called 3D2TOY (the website is a royal pain to navigate). The people who run 3D2TOY have created some really fancy patterns for making plush creatures from the Half-Life series (Alyx loves animals and thinks that the HL critters are very cute).

So, with many painful hours of cutting and many more (and even more painful) hours of sewing, this was the output:

Bioshock Little Sister Syringe:

The second gift to Alyx was one of the Little Sister’s needles from Bioshock. We originally came across this project on another prop maker’s (Volpin) website, and she immediately started asking for one.

Personally, I was impressed with the amount of thought that Volpin had put into his needle, as well as his props. I’ve grown an intense respect for Volpins work, and the thought that he puts into it.

So, referring frequently to what he did, I produced this:

The whole syringe started out as an ancient 1920’s gas pump handle I picked up on ebay. You can’t see it here, but the handle was covered in rust, which needed to be sanded, ground, and burned off with acid. Really nasty processes, but it cleaned up and was workable in the end.

The long body of the syringe was made using PVC pipe that was torched open to receive the aluminum fuel tube. The charred black of the pipe had a nice texture to it, giving it that distressed look I’d need in the end.

The jar housing was made using simple PVC couplings I found around my garage (my dad and I are spud-gun enthusiasts, so we’ve got plenty of PVC). A brass pneumatics male-male coupler was drilled and tapped into the back of the pump handle to hold the jar to the rest of the mechanism.

I used Krylon Hammered Bronze for both texture and color, as well as Tester’s Silver.

Next came a bit of distressing. And by “bit”, I of course mean a few jars worth of Tamiya transparent red and black paints for grunge and blood.

I (somehow) managed to stuff a pair of AAA batteries into the body of the pump handle, attached to 5 red LEDs and a rudimentary two state switch.

You can see the switch at the bottom of the handle.

Light test…

And viola! Final product!

Many thanks go out to my parents for assistance with sewing and electronics, as well as Volpin for inspiration and refrence!