Since I decided to stick my website on Stumble Upon, I realized that people would probably want to see more then just one post about my MJOLNIR Mk VI and an intro post. So instead of putting the EOD post up this Friday, I decided to throw it up today so that all of you can see some more (hopefully) cool stuff.

On to business. The MJOLNIR EOD Variant Helmet.

The EOD (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) helmet is one of Halo 3’s multiplayer helmet variants that you can unlock for a certain achievement. I don’t know said achievement, and nor do I own a 360, but the EOD helmet is pretty cool. It looks more engineer-like then most of the other helmets, and it’s a homage (insult) to the Killzone series.

Same as before, model came from here, and the Pepakura designer software came from here.

First step, just like the Mk-VI standard helmet featured below, was to build the whole base model out of paper. Being the homely dolt that I am, I didn’t take a single picture of the helmet. I do have pictures of the resin and fiberglassing, though, so you should get about the same results.

Hayabusa Is Stoopad.

Long view Pep'd EOD

Then the bondo:

Bondo'd EOD

No finished, unpainted versions of the bondo phase, so we’ll jump right on into the final painted version. I gave the EOD my own, personal multiplayer paint scheme, steel and green, and I tried to get the most game authentic paints I could get my hands on. The helmet was heavily weathered with an airbrush, and the silver chips you see were silver spots that I covered with mustard before adding the main color coats. After the main color coats dried, I chipped the mustard off and cleaned the excess mustard with a moist paper towel.

Dramatic EOD

The eyes were done using a transparent acrylic plastic that was vacuum formed over a clay mold. After I cut the plates out, I airbrushed a light coat of an aluminum metalizer over them to create a silver, reflective surface, but still retain a decent amount of visibility. Once the metalizers were dried and polished with a soft cloth, a 5-1 mixture of transparent amber to transparent red paints were airbrushed over the metalizer, giving the eyes their golden color.

Visibility really sucks, and I wouldn’t try to read with the helmet on, but its more then enough for navigation and obstacle avoidance.

Right EOD Complete

With the way things turned out, I think I prefer the EOD over my MK-VI in terms of quality, but the MK-VI still remains my favorite.

Next posted project after this will be my 1/48th scale Messerschmitt BF-109 E4/TROP model.


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